Club Events

The upcoming and past events are listed below. Please click on the event you are interested in for further information, with an opportunity to enquire or reserve your place to within each specific event.

Mothering Sunday Lunch 10th March 2024

Bridge & Supper Club 29th February 2024

Quiz Night 28th February 2024

Valentines Day Taster Menu 17th February 2024

Pancake Day Lunch 13th February 2024

Burns Night 2024 27th January 2024

WAG Competitive Tasting 24th January 2024

Family Sunday Lunch 21st January 2024

WAG Competitive Tasting 17th January 2024

WAG Apostles Dinner 10th January 2024

Members Christmas Dinner 14th December 2023

Members Christmas Lunch 12th December 2023

The Candlelit Dinner 5th December 2023

Petrolheads Dinner 22nd November 2023

Diwali Dinner 17th November 2023

WAG Wine & Song Evening 15th November 2023

Clifton Club Awards Dinner 10th November 2023

Ladies Lunch – November 8th November 2023

New Members Drinks 3rd November 2023

Ladies Dinner 12th October 2023

Bridge & Supper Evening 12th October 2023

Ladies Lunch – October 11th October 2023

Harvest Buffet Lunch 21st September 2023

Thatchers Cider Tour 15th September 2023

Ladies Lunch – September 13th September 2023

Steak Night 8th June 2023

Murder Mystery Evening 28th April 2023

Family Brunch 15th April 2023

Ladies Lunch – April 12th April 2023

Mothering Sunday Lunch 19th March 2023

WAG Apostles Dinner 1st March 2023

Ladies Lunch – February 8th February 2023

New Members Drinks 3rd February 2023

Burns Night Dinner 21st January 2023

Weekend Brunch 14th January 2023

Quiz & Supper 11th January 2023

Ladies Lunch – January 11th January 2023

Apostles Wine Tasting 4th January 2023

31st December 2022

Members Christmas Dinner 14th December 2022

Members Christmas Lunch 13th December 2022

The Candlelit Dinner 6th December 2022

The Chairman’s Party 18th November 2022

Ladies Lunch – November 16th November 2022

New Members Drinks 11th November 2022

WAG Apostles Wine Tasting 2nd November 2022

The Pipe Walk 22nd October 2022

Ladies Lunch – October 12th October 2022

Oysters & Champagne Evening 23rd September 2022

New Members Drinks 16th September 2022

Ladies Lunch 14th September 2022

WAG Apostles Dinner 7th September 2022

Ladies Lunch – August 10th August 2022

BYO Dinner 13th July 2022

Ladies Snooker Lunch 13th July 2022

Ladies Lunch – April 13th April 2022

W.A.G.s Wine Tasting 6th April 2022

Drawing Room Live Music 25th February 2022

New Members Drinks Evening 18th February 2022

Saturday Brunch 12th February 2022

Family Sunday Lunch 30th January 2022

Burns Night 2022 22nd January 2022

Drawing Room Live Music 21st January 2022

Ladies Lunch – January 12th January 2022

New Years Eve Party 31st December 2021

Members Christmas Dinner 15th December 2021

Members Christmas Lunch 14th December 2021

Royce of the Rolls Talk 17th November 2021

Ladies Lunch – November 10th November 2021

Film Club – Now Voyager 3rd November 2021

Petrolheads Dinner 23rd October 2021

Family Sunday Lunch 17th October 2021

Family Sunday Lunch 19th September 2021

Family Sunday Lunch 15th August 2021

The Clifton Club AGM 26th April 2021

Indian Cooking Class 27th February 2021

Virtual Cheese Tasting 23rd February 2021

Floristry Workshop 17th February 2021

Drinks In The Bar! 12th February 2021

Family Sunday Lunch 13th September 2020

Quiz Night – Live! 12th June 2020

The Chairman’s Party 18th April 2020

Apostles Wine Tasting 16th April 2020

Ladies Lunch 15th April 2020

Apostles Wine Tasting 12th March 2020

Petrolheads Quiz 4th March 2020

Ladies Lunch 4th March 2020

Wine Appreciation Series 19th February 2020

Business Networking Club 18th February 2020

Ladies Lunch 12th February 2020

Quiz Night 5th February 2020

Dementia Awareness Talk 31st January 2020

Burns Night 24th January 2020

Wine Appreciation Series 22nd January 2020

Royce Of The Rolls 17th January 2020

Ladies Lunch 15th January 2020

New Years Eve Party 31st December 2019

Christmas Dinner 18th December 2019

Ladies Lunch 11th December 2019

The Christmas Fair 30th November 2019

Apostles Autumn Dinner 27th November 2019

Wine Appreciation Series 26th November 2019

Family Sunday Lunch 17th November 2019

Ladies Lunch 13th November 2019

The Final Modern Medicine 6th November 2019

Old Hallows Eve! 31st October 2019

Apostles Wine Tasting 24th October 2019

Family Sunday Lunch 20th October 2019

Quiz Night 9th October 2019

Ladies Lunch 9th October 2019

Founders Dinner 5th October 2019

Macmillan Coffee Morning 27th September 2019

Family Sunday Lunch 22nd September 2019

An Introduction To Tai Chi 21st September 2019

Prospective Members Evening 13th September 2019

Apostles Wine Tasting 12th September 2019

Autumn Cycle Trip 12th September 2019

Ladies Lunch 11th September 2019

1818 Winter Brewing Day 11th September 2019

Gin Distilling Day 3rd September 2019

Brabazon Hangar Tour 7th August 2019

Sequence Dancing 26th July 2019

Sequence Dancing 19th July 2019

Ladies Lunch 10th July 2019

Ladies Snooker Lunch 26th June 2019

Meet The Directors 20th June 2019