Real Tennis Talk with Maggie Henderson-Tew

11th November 2021 - 18:00 to 18:30

The Clifton Club is delighted to have a new relationship with Bristol Real Tennis Club, whereby Clifton Club Members have preferential rates on games and membership.  But what exactly is ‘real tennis’, and how does it differ to the usual racket sports?

Real Tennis representative Maggie Henderson-Tew is here to explain more, with her talk about the Real Tennis Club.

She will introduce the game, explain why the court looks like a medieval town square and talk about some off the extraordinary characters in the games 800-year-old past. Bristol Real Tennis will welcome a group of Clifton Club members to the club in the New Year to look at the court, see some play and to try the game themselves – details of this excursion to follow!

This talk will take place just before the Thursday Club Draw in the Centenary Room.  Please book your place with The Club Office by calling 0117 947 5039, or email