Dress Code

Members and their Guests are required to adhere to The Club’s Dress Code. This specifies 3 separate standards of dress as shown below:


                                                 Tuesday          Wednesday         Thursday          Friday           Saturday          Sunday

0900hrs – 1200hrs             Informal            Informal            Informal           Informal         Informal           Informal

1200hrs – 1600hrs             Business          Business             Business           Business         Informal           Informal

                                            {Dining Room – Gentlemen’s Jackets Mandatory}

1600hrs – 2300hrs             Informal            Informal            Informal           Informal          Informal           Informal


Smart/Business attire to include, Jackets for Gentlemen when Dining in the Dining Room, ties are not Mandatory. Lounge Suit, Sports Jacket and Slacks/smart jeans, collared shirt. For Ladies, blouses, smartly presented trousers or skirt/dress.


To encompass ‘smart casual’ but Members & Guests to respect the Club’s ethos of smartness and good taste. Jeans will be acceptable with no rips or embellishment. Tailored/smart shorts are permitted during the months May-August.


This designation to be used when required for specific functions. Dinner Suits for the Gentlemen and Evening Wear for the Ladies.

On any occasion the following is NOT permitted at The Clifton Club;

Sports Trainers, Sportswear (unless partaking in a Club activity), Vests, Flip flops, Hooded Jumpers, Caps, Crop Tops.


It is important that should Members/Guests fail to adhere to the above code; a friendly word will be given without causing awkwardness and embarrassment.

Courtesy Jackets are available on request.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding The Clubs Dress Code, please visit the Club Office, or email Generalmanager@thecliftonclub.co.uk