Clifton Club Business Networking Club – “On The Sofa” Round 4

27th September 2022 - 18:30 to 00:00

Clifton Club Business Networking Club – “On The Sofa” Round 4

Tuesday 27th September, 2022 6.30pm onwards

The fourth in the series of our “On The Sofa” interviews of Clifton Club members continues after a short Summer break.

Tabled as a networking event, this will be an opportunity for you to meet and engage with your fellow Clifton Club members whilst learning more about members interesting careers and life experiences.

This exceptionally successful Business Networking Club became a part of The Clifton Club fabric bringing together our “working” members regularly to network and grow mutually beneficial relationships. So far, our 2022 “on the sofa” have featured Clifton Club members John Laycock, Nick Pugh, Stephanie Wheen,  Ashley Leon, Jerry Barnes, and Mark Mason who have shared their life and career experiences to date.

The format is simple; on arrival you will receive a complimentary glass of wine before moving into the dining room where we will have two Clifton Club members “on the sofa” who will be interviewed by past Chairman Mike Beesley. Taking no longer than an hour you will be given the opportunity to ask questions before retiring to the bar for refreshments and a complimentary buffet.

Two more current Clifton Club Members will take part and share with us their life and career experiences in September.

First up is Carolyn Dougherty.
Originating from Silicon City in California, Carolyn studied civil engineering at Berkeley before moving to the UK to undertake a graduate programme in industrial archaeology at York University to become a railway historian.  Carolyn will share with us her journey from America to Clifton, and her fantastic research on American and UK Rail history.

Second up is Chris Hunt.
Chris has an impressive professional background in film and screen as a Producer/director of large scale concerts, dramas musicals and major arts documentaries.
With 4 Emmys + 3 other nominations, 1 Bafta + 3 other nominations, over 40 other awards to his name Chris will have some interesting stories to share.

This event is sponsored by CCCit one of the South West’s leading providers of professional, reliable, and affordable IT services.

Book or register your interest by emailing Membership and Marketing Manager Katherine Grant