Thatchers Cider Tour

15th September 2023 - 15:50 to 19:30

Want to know more about how how cider is made?

Book onto our guided Thatchers Cider Tour on Friday 15th August where you’ll learn how one of Somerset’s most famous ciders crafters have been making cider for over 115 years. You’ll see how times have changed and no doubt you’ll hear a story or two about the Thatcher family. And of course, you’ll also get the chance to try a few ciders too from the well-known brands, to their limited edition range.

A fantastic way to spend a couple hours in the heart of Somerset cider-making country.


Approx Timings:

1550hrs – Meet at the Club

1600hrs – Get Mini-Bus to Myrtle Farm

1800hrs – Guided Thatchers Tour Begins

1930hrs – Tour Finishes

1930hrs – Mini-Bus back to the Club

2030hrs – Arrive back at the Club



£30.00pp, includes guided tour & mini-bus


Please note some of the buildings in their mill have narrow corridors and uneven floors, steps and stairs. Therefore we regret they are unsuitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, or similar mobility aids. Click here to read Thatchers terms and conditions before booking.