“Mental Health: It’s Not All in Your Head” – Club Talk with Andi Spagg

23rd November 2023 - 18:00 to 19:00

Following the success of Health, Wellness, and Lifestyle Consultant Andi Spraggs’ enlightening talk in April, where she delved into ‘Growing Older, Younger and the 11 Pillars of Wellness,’ we are thrilled to welcome her back to the Club for another captivating discussion. Join us on Thursday 23rd November 2023, as Andi presents ‘Mental Health: It’s Not All in Your Head.’

This thought-provoking talk explores the reasons why the conventional medical and mental health approaches fall short in approximately 70% of cases. Andi will shed light on the often overlooked underlying factors contributing to poor mental health and offer an innovative perspective on enhancing overall well-being. In an age marked by a disconnect between mental and physical health, we challenge the prevailing narrative. Our focus shifts to biology and the environment as the catalysts for psychological improvement.


About Andi Spragg:

Andie is a Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Consultant who disrupts the current mainstream understanding of health and wellness, including mental health. Andie uniquely recognises and incorporates lifestyle and nutrition as a means of bringing about and perpetuating health, wellness and a happy life. This fills a niche when Doctors and mental health professionals haven’t been able to help.

Andie has a First Class Degree in Human Biology with Anatomy from the top London Medical Schools, including the fields of Nutrition, Neuroscience and Psychology. She has been studying Human Biology for nearly 25 years since she became fascinated with it at school. When she was let down by Doctors herself, Andie turned to her degree to fix her own health conditions.

Since the COVID measures, Andie has recognised the exponential increase in mental health problems that have come about. This is in part due to the more open nature with which we are now dealing with mental health concerns, however a significant element comes from the mismanagement of our human needs in the COVID measures.

Andie acknowledges that talking therapy can be extremely helpful, but according to some experts, is only effective in c30% of cases. So what about the other 70% of people? Andie recognises that it isn’t ‘all in our heads’ and talking it out is not always the answer.

Through the application of her understanding of a (w)holistic approach to wellness, she applies her Building Blocks Model for good mental health to support people in their mental health management, both on a 1:2:1 consultation basis and also through immersive Mental Health Getaways. The model includes nutrition, environment (physical and psychological), psychology and mental state, belief systems and pursuit, all underpinned by her unique set of toolkits and skills, which constitute easy ways to improve mental health in the immediate and longer term.