‘On The Sofa’ with Charles Mindenhall

19th March 2024 - 18:30 to 21:30

Embark on an immersive evening at our second ‘On the Sofa’ session of 2024, where Bristol’s esteemed professionals gather. Taking the reins is Gavin Hall, a respected Club Member, ready to lead you through the fascinating career journey of our guest speaker, Charles Mindenhall, a renowned technology entrepreneur and philanthropist. Indulge in the hospitality of our sponsor, who invites you to enjoy a complimentary glass of wine paired with a light buffet, enriching your networking experience. Join us for an unforgettable evening of insights, connections, and camaraderie.

The Clifton Club is delighted that Charles Mindenhall has agreed to be “on the sofa” in March. Charles Alongside his business partner, Manoj Badale,  co-founded Blenheim Chalcot, a renowned venture builder responsible for the inception of over 50 businesses across various sectors. These businesses, ranging from financial services and payments to health, education, media, government, property, and sports, showcase the diversity of their portfolio.

Managing a global portfolio, Charles has overseen businesses of varied sizes, with teams ranging from 2 people to over 1500. Blenheim Chalcot continues to thrive under his leadership, creating and scaling new software ventures annually through its emerging venture opportunity program. Charles envisions significant opportunities in the field of generative AI, recognizing its potential impact on both existing and new businesses.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavours, Charles Mindenhall has made significant contributions to the community. In 2020, he assumed the role of Chair at OnSide Youth Zones nationally, a position he took on after several years as a trustee. Furthermore, Charles serves as the founding chair of Barking and Dagenham Youthzone. His commitment to community welfare extends to his role as the Chair of Babyzone, a charitable organization dedicated to providing free support to families with babies and toddlers. The organization focuses on dismantling barriers that parents commonly encounter in accessing high-quality early years activities.

Education has played a pivotal role in Charles’s journey. He holds an MA in Philosophy and Psychology from Christ Church, Oxford University, and was formerly at Monitor Company. where he honed the skills and knowledge that would later contribute to his entrepreneurial success. Charles’ interests include going to the theatre and learning all about generative AI. Charles is married to his wife, Lara, and they are parents of three children.

This event is proudly sponsored by past Chairman, Julian Telling on behalf of OnSide. OnSide are a charity who empower young people to lead positive, fulfilling lives by providing access to incredible spaces and exceptional youth zones.

This event is FREE for Members & Non-Members. To RSVP, please contact; Membership@thecliftonclub.co.uk