A Trip to The Royal Mint

30th June 2022

Club Members enjoyed a visit to The Royal Mint in Cardiff this week.

The personal guided tour took in the whole of the Mint, from it’s history to production.  The tour was followed by a wander around the exhibition and museum before a break for lunch in the Mint’s on site Café.

Whilst having lunch, one of the designers gave an impromptu talk about the designing process, giving an amazing insight into production.

The afternoon was spent taking in more of the exhibition rooms. The Club Member’s comments are that the visit was “Just brilliant !”

A mini that’s covered in old pennies, some as old as Queen Victoria!
A coin designer and some of her slides
Olympic and para Olympic medals from 2012
A selection of old war and commemorative medals – all the ribbons are attached by hand!

The Tower of London where it all began
The ‘first coin’ – Alfred the Great Penny C880AD