Annual General Meeting

1st May 2019

On Monday 29th April, The Clifton Club held our Annual General Meeting, with over one hundred Members attending this formal administrative occasion.

The Club appointed five new Directors to replace Mr. Christopher Day, Miss Alice Peacock, Mrs. Leila Cooke, Mrs. Maggie Garland, and Mr. Jerry Barnes, Club Chairman, who thanked those Directors for their important contributions to The Clifton Club over recent years. A ballot vote saw the appointment of Mrs. Pam Townsend, Mr. Stephen Edwards, Mr. Joshua Mudie, Mr. Andrew Scott and Mr. Ron Stagg as new Directors of The Club. The evening also saw the appointment of Mr. Mike Beesley as The Club’s new Chairman, making Mike the 75th Chairman of The Clifton Club throughout our 200 year history.

We would like to thank those Members who participated in the formal administration of The Clifton Club and we wish our new Directors and our New Chairman every success in their new roles.