The British Club Bangkok - Member Review

British Club Bangkok – Alice Peacock & Merlin Floate – January 2020

Clifton Club Members Alice Peacock and Merlin Floate visited the British Club Bangkok on a visit to Thailand in January 2020. The British Club is well located within a thriving part of the busy city, and has ample facilities including tennis courts, cricket nets, swimming pool and gym. The Club was formed in 1903 and the current Clubhouse has been in use since 1914, an impressive building set back from the main road and surrounded by the sporting facilities the Club is so well known for. The visit to the Club saw Alice and Merlin meet the current Honorary Secretary Paul Cheesman, who graciously provided much insight into the Club’s history and future plans. A large, vibrant Club with a huge social calendar and membership list, there seems to be much in the calendar and lots of plans for modernisation, expansion and development ahead. A refreshing drink or two in the Club bar is thoroughly recommended, and the British Club Bangkok would certainly warmly welcome any visiting Clifton Club members.