‘Growing Older, Younger’ Club Talk

25th April 2024 - 00:00 to 00:00

Join us on Thursday 27th April for a very interesting talk with Health, Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant, Andie Spragg.

Andie uniquely recognises and incorporates lifestyle and nutrition as a means of bringing about and perpetuating health, wellness and a happy life.
Andie has a First Class Degree in Human Biology with Anatomy from the top London Medical Schools, including the fields of nutrition and ageing.  She has been studying Human Biology for nearly 25 years since she became fascinated with it at school.  When she was let down by Doctors herself, Andie turned to her degree to fix her own health conditions.

Since successfully resolving her health conditions without the use of medication, the people around her saw her extensive knowledge in the field and started to flock to her for advice on all things health, wellness and lifestyle.  As a result, she identified the need for a consultant in this field, which fills a niche when Doctors haven’t been able to help, or where people are interested in preventing disease from arising in the first place.

Having healed herself, she is in a unique position to coach others from personal experience along with applying physiology, biochemistry and new science to identify the root cause of a problem.  She has helped with many aspects of health including long-COVID, gut issues, hormonal problems, thyroid concerns, skin complaints, weight management, epilepsy and poor mental health.  Andie’s main methodology is applying the science of cause and effect to resolve a condition, whilst making use of supplementary support, rather than seeking to medicate, as in traditional western medicine.

Andie has identified that people are not necessarily living longer, but dying longer.  She recognises that quality of life, not necessarily length of life, is the ultimate aim.  She knows that disease can often be prevented in the first place.  Indeed, many existing conditions can largely be reversed, or well managed, including cognitive decline, where the appropriate action is taken.  Applying these principles can lead to a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life enabling people to enjoy their later years to the fullest.

Through the application of her 11 Pillars of Wellness, Andie will share how you can grow older, younger. She will discuss all Pillars and concentrate on the 6 main ones with reference to how you can apply them to prevent, improve, alleviate and manage conditions and optimise health, with a special focus on those associated with ageing.

There is no need to book this free event, just show up with some guests and enjoy this fantastic evening.

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