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Wedding hire

The Club can offer wedding ceremonies as well as receptions for up to 100 guests.

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The Clifton Club provides the ideal environment for corporate meetings and functions.

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How to Apply for Clifton Club Membership

Everything you need to know about the application process.  If you are interested in Corporate Membership then please contact for details. For a copy of the club rules, please click here.

STEP ONE:      Which Membership Route Do You Qualify For?

  • ROUTE ONE:      Proposed Membership: You know TWO existing Clifton Club Members, both of whom have been a Member for 2 years. 

  • ROUTE TWO:     Provisional Membership:  You do not know two Clifton Club Members.          

STEP TWO:      Application Process

  1. All applicants must complete TWO forms to start the application process, this also applies to Joint and Corporate Membership. Please Click Here to request forms from our office or you can downloaded them from this link.

STEP THREE:  Election

  • ROUTE ONE (Proposed):  Your submitted application will be displayed in the Club for Members to view for 21 days.  The Board of Directors will review your application at the Board Meeting that follows and make a decision.  Upon successful election, you will be asked to pay your subscription in full (to include card fee and one off joining fee). 

  • ROUTE TWO (Provisional): On receipt of your forms, you will be invited to meet a Director or Member of The Club.  If successful, you will become a Provisional Member immediately.  After 4 months, your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and a decision will be made.  Upon processing, you will be asked to pay 50% of the annual subscription and the full card fee.  Upon successful election, you will be asked to pay the remaining subscription and a one off joining fee.     

STEP FOUR:    Payment (for successful applicants) See HERE for current FEES.

STEP FIVE:      Full Member or Provisional Member Status