Snooker has been an integral part of The Clifton Club since 1945 with an annual Snooker tournament. This runs throughout the Winter months, with the final to be played in Black Tie and refereed, before the Club’s Snooker Trophy is awarded to the winner.

There is currently one snooker table available (due to Social Distancing Guidelines), in the Snooker Room for Members to enjoy, which are maintained to a very high standard.

Members can book a Snooker table by contacting The Club office or a Steward, we ask those Members who do not book in advance to check the blackboards in the Snooker Room as a table may have been reserved and to notify a Steward of your arrival and intention to play.  .

If a Member is new to snooker or just a bit rusty, a number of our long-standing Members are available to give free tuition. We have a very active group of ladies & gentlemen who meet weekly to practice and can offer lessons. Snooker handicaps are set by the Snooker Committee and are reviewed annually.

During the current pandemic, as we are further able to re-instate various games and sports there are specific rules surrounding playing Snooker at The Club:


Only Table 1 will be available

Booking by reservation only and no spectators

Only single players in one on one matches 

Whilst the rules below may appear prescriptive, they are designed to mitigate any transmission risk of COVID 19 from the use of common equipment.

Please wash or sanitise your hands before you commence play.

Please use your own cue, if you use a club cue, please ensure that it is wiped down with the sanitiser and paper towel provided before placing it back in the rack at the end of your game.

Should you use the cue extensions or rests please ensure that these are wiped down with the sanitiser and paper towel provided before replacing them in the cue racks.

At the commencement of the game, please nominate one individual to re-spot any of the potted colours, and one individual to undertake the scoring to prevent any possible cross-contamination when handling the balls.

When you finish your game, please wipe down the edges of the tables and scoreboard using the sanitiser and paper towel provided.

Please remove the triangle and all balls from the table and wipe down with the sanitiser and paper towel provided, and place in the ball tray.

Alternate triangle and sets of balls should be used at the commencement of each new game, to allow for the sanitiser residue to evaporate off the recently cleaned balls, and to ensure that there is no transfer of any residue to the baize.

Please sanitise your hands following the conclusion of your game and after cues, rests, balls and the tables are wiped down.

Monday Evenings – Snooker Roll Ups – an informal session with no need to book

Ladies Snooker
Any ladies who wish to start coming to learn how to play will be very welcome but they must contact Alison Harding by clicking here to ensure there is a availability on a particular day. The next Ladies Snooker days are:

Snooker Ladder

There are no handicaps attributed to any player, (handicaps however will continue to play their part in the annual Tournament).
Players will have the right to challenge anyone up to 6 places above them on the ladder.
Should the lower player win, he/she will change places with the loser.
All results should be sent as soon as possible to Alison Harding stating the date, the score and who won, even if a particular result means that there is no individual movement on the ladder. (Results can then be considered when the handicaps are reviewed).
The Snooker Ladder will be updated and published every month.
Players on the ladder should aim to play at least 1 match per month.
Any new player wishing to join the ladder will automatically be placed on the bottom rung, and be expected to eventually reach their rightful level.

Snooker Tournament 2019 – 2020

On Friday 1st November, The Snooker Committee conducted the draw for The Clifton Club’s Snooker Tournament 2019 – 2020. You are able to download the tournament table here. Snooker Tournament Table

The Snooker Committee would like to remind all participants of the Snooker Tournament Policies:

  1. All matches are the best of 3 frames.
  2. All results must be recorded on the provided scoresheets, available in the Snooker Room. The Club is very proud of having records of all snooker matches dating back to 1945, please ensure that we are able to continue this longstanding tradition. A plastic wallet containing all results will be provided to store your results sheet.
  3. All snooker matches must be booked through the team of Stewards, please ensure to notify the stewards that you are playing a tournament match so they are able to allocate enough time to your reservation.
  4. All rounds of matches must be played by the date stated. For any matches that are not completed by the deadline, the Snooker Committee will have complete authority to make a decision in order to ensure the tournament is not held up by any fixtures.
  5. The Snooker Tournament Final requires participation from the Snooker Committee. A referee will be provided. The match, traditionally, has always been a black tie event and this tradition will be upheld. Members are welcome to attend this event in order to spectate.

To find your opponents contact details please click below:

Snooker Tournament Participant List