Cycling is becoming increasingly popular at The Club with various tours both road and more scenic off road excursions taking place. Keep an eye out for the upcoming cycle tours in the weekly newsletter!

Most recently the cycling took Members on a scenic 82 Mile round trip on the 7th July 2019

“I am very proud to say that all five managed the whole journey in fine style. It was variously between about 81 and 90 miles depending on start and end points.

It was the finest weather for cycling.

The rough surface was at times quite rough.

We had to wait 2h15 before finding the right place to stop for coffee and egg/egg+bacon sandwiches

Up to the top of Caen Hill and back down again before doing 4 miles of the return journey to reach the lunchtime pub on the side of the canal.   An ice cream in Bradford on Avon … followed by the last 30 miles to Bristol.” John Manley