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Wedding hire

The Club can offer wedding ceremonies as well as receptions for up to 100 guests.

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The Clifton Club provides the ideal environment for corporate meetings and functions.

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Events and Activities at The Clifton Club

The Clifton Club has a packed calendar of events and activities for Members to enjoy, offering a great opportunity to socialise with a broad spectrum of like minded people.   Regular lunch and supper events are popular and very well attended, and with as many as eight formal dinner events on the annual calendar, the social scene is as vibrant as you will find in any private members club.  The annual Summer Garden Party and The Founders Dinner are especially popular and enjoyed by all Members.  

A full schedule of activities, usually organised by Members with shared interests facilitates socialising with other Members in a relaxing environment.  Everything from Art Classes to Petrolheads, Film Club, Bridge Lessons and Pub Walks feature on the activity schedule, with more specialised activities for those interested in Snooker, Motoring or Debating for example.  Monday is games night in the Club where Members come together to play snooker, bridge, chess and backgammon.  

Please see the latest Calendar of Events Here. Alternatively, click Here to visit the Events section of our website or go to the Gallery page for photographs.