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Event at the Clifton Club


Modern Medicine in 45 Minutes

10 November 2017

First in a series of morning Medical talks on various relevant subjects. Each session will be delivered by a very knowledgeable expert in their field. Join fellow Members for coffee from 11am, talk starts at 11.30, those inattendance are welcome to stay on at The Club for lunch.

New Teeth For Old

Dr Adrian Watkinson MDS. FDSRCS. DRD RCS. BChD, Consultant Senior Lecturer at Bristol Dental School will be delivering a 45 minute talk on the ways in which Dental Implants can improve the Quality of Life.

Since qualifying as a Dental Surgeon, Adrian Watkinson has been awarded several Fellowships and diplomas together with a research degree from the University of Bristol. Whilst teaching at the Dental School, he began pioneering work in placing dental implants in 1988. He later established one of the first dental implant clinics at Litfield House and later at The Smile Suite in Trafalgar House, both on the Promenade, Clifton. Since then he has carried out over 2500 implant operations. As a Fellow of the International Team for Implantology, he has lectured widely in Europe and North America. This talk will look at the ways in which implants have evolved to become the preferred way of replacing teeth - be it a single missing tooth to complete tooth replacement.

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